Farm to Yarn

Sunday afternoon my friends Amy, Dana, and I did a little farm sight-seeing. The Northeast Kingdom put on it’s annual Farm-to-Yarn tour and so we visited a few nearby farms.

First we went to Dilner Hillside Farm – where they raise Angora goats (and bunnies, as well as chickens, sheep, and a dairy goat)

more angora goats

Don’t forget angora goats make mohair fiber, which means this little kid:

kid mohair

Is essentially kid silk haze on four legs!

Next stop was Buzz & Honey’s Fleecy Flock where we met this year’s friendly bottle-fed lambs:

bottle lamb

Ate delicious pumpkin bread, and admired how very VERY green their pastures are:

baa baa gray sheep

Finally we stopped at North of the Andes Alpacas for some fuzzy-headed goodness

fuzzy heads

They’d just been sheared one or two weeks ago, so they looked very skinny with their funny, unsheared bobble heads on top. But the best part of this stop was the cria – a baby alpaca born less than 24 hours before


I think mom’s ears are worth noting as well. So fluffy! The baby is doing very well:

cria nursing

And they didn’t have any more black fleeces for sale – which is just as well because I’m not sure I actually need another fleece right now…

Meanwhile back on the home range:


My brahmas seem to have an odd fascination for the bale of straw destined to be garlic mulch…

2 responses to “Farm to Yarn

  1. I am super bummed that we didn’t know each other so we could go farm trawling together when we lived in Walden!

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