Welcome to the 1990’s

I just spent my whole lunch break on the phone/live chat with various phone companies. Turns out I still can’t get unlimited high speed internet in my house. Verizon Wireless has 3G signal but there’s a data usage cap. Fairpoint’s DSL speed is “conditional” which means they don’t really know if I can even get service at my house.

That’s right, I still live in the 1990’s. Welcome to my life.

(Sorry for the whinging, I try not to do it often. But it just seems like I ought to be able to post at night, or update PDFs of patterns without having to make it to the library during their open hours.)

2 responses to “Welcome to the 1990’s

  1. Start by bugging loudly, these people:
    VTel was the company that was awarded the government stimulus money (VT ‘won’ it to give all of us broadband by 2012), and promised to have it in place, statewide by 2012. Now revised to certain areas, Albany not being in the group, as well as several other in the Kingdom that need it the most. We do not have ANY other options.

    • I feel for you – at least I’m just a short drive from the Johnson State College library – and while it’s a drive, it’s also open until 11pm so I really shouldn’t complain too much!

      I’m afraid VTel isn’t going to care about me because technically I have 3G coverage in my area. My problem is I don’t think paying Verizon Wireless $40 for a phone number and another $40 for a data plan capped at 5GB per month is reasonable…

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