I may not be talking much about knitting, but I sure am doing a lot of it!


I’m almost half way through the mitts for the book. I’m not showing finished projects quite yet, but I have been putting up some sneak preview photos on both Twitter and my Facebook page. So if you like sneak previews you really should follow me in one or both places.

Of course the remaining designs are mostly in fingering weight yarn. And what’s more, I need to sit down at the computer and write up some of these. One is only recorded in chicken-scratch notes made on the bus while knitting. I don’t usually work that way, but it’s a fairly simple pattern. However the rest need charts, and I need to make the charts before I can knit any more samples. Since my last few weekends have been spent in the garden, or at the library, or visiting farms* – well clearly I just need to focus. There will be some serious focusing going on over the long weekend.

If my timing works out there might also be the first book release by then!

*and I’m trying to ignore the weekend lost driving my car to the mechanic.


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