Not Dead

Soooo…. Thursday night we were hit by a massive thunderstorm which knocked power out for 20 hours. But we were the lucky ones, further south they got 5-7 inches of rain in just a few hours. So while I was home trying to keep baby chickens warm without a heat lamp much of the rest of northern VT was closed and/or under water.

Needless to say, all that knitting and pattern writing I had talked about did not go according to plan. But I’ve (mostly) recovered, and I’m happy to announce that the first pattern in the Time on my Hands e-book is now available!

cover page

Details on the collection can be seen here and on Ravelry.

The patterns in this book will be released one at a time over the summer, with the full collection available by autumn (it’ll be September or October depending on other deadlines) There will be 8 patterns which are also available individually, and one surprise pattern which will only be available through the collection. The e-book costs only $18 which is a significant savings over the single PDFs.

The patterns will all be hand-related: mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts, and wrist warmers. Along with women’s patterns there’s a children’s mitten pattern, a men’s glove pattern, and some unisex fingerless mitts. There will be cables, lace, color work, and texture. In other words, there will be a little something for everyone.

First up:
Play Time mittens are striped kids’ mittens with i-cord ties so they don’t get lost or separated.

Play time 1play time 4

You can see details on the pattern here and you can favorite and queue it on Ravelry.


4 responses to “Not Dead

  1. I just ordered mine! W00t!

    I’m curious how you kept the baby chickens warm. Hot rocks? Pots of water? Lots of snuggling??

  2. Yikes! Glad you didn’t get more beat up from the weather. Did the peeps all make it? (I had a gas oven, and if the power went out, I put them in there with the door propped open, FWIW, when I had chicks to worry over.)

    LOVE the new mittens – cute!

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