to-do mountain

I haven’t had a full weekend at home in forever (honestly, 7 weeks) I’ve barely had a day at home to get stuff done. Last weekend was supposed to help, but then I drove to NH and back on sunday and visited with friends saturday and monday… So, who wants to see my to-do list?

Gardening (could take the whole weekend)

  • chicken-proof the fence – I’m making headway, they’re still getting in, but it’s solid enough they can’t figure out how to get out again (so not helpful)
  • expand the garden – involving another roll of fence and some more fence posts
  • rip out grass – in the expanded section of garden, enough work to earn it’s own bullet point
  • move A-frame – lettuce and peas no longer need it, put tomato seedlings in here instead
  • transplant seedlings – many squashes, and purchased broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc…
  • plant asparagus crowns – because every spring I’m sad I don’t have any yet
  • direct seed corn, beans, soybeans (edamame, yum!)
  • transplant grape vines, elderberry bush, strawberries


  • clean chicken coop (not happening this weekend ’cause I don’t want to disturb the nesting mama, but BOY does it need to be done)
  • mix chicken manure with horse manure from freecycle, mound for optimal composting
  • do Something with the last three meat birds from last year (do you really want to know what?)
  • move meat chicks out of small box and into larger space (fence off their side of the hallway first)
  • fix bent door hinge so the hall door swings wide enough to actually clean coop

Designing (I could spend a whole weekend on this too)

  • Write up 4 mitt patterns for e-book that are still only concepts
  • Edit and grade 2 mitt patterns that are only just roughed out
  • Make charts for all 5 patterns that need charts
  • work on cable technique diagrams for technique page
  • Write out pattern for texture shawl that started EATING MY BRAIN last night. Consider actually knitting it in spite of other projects on the go.
  • related – set up computer modem (that’s right, I may yet get high speed internet, they’re doing “line work” right now)
  • work on marketing info for book submission project

Other Crafting

  • make earring rack that I’ve had all the supplies to do for a month now
  • sew skirt that’s waiting patiently on the craft table to be cut and sewn
  • finish embroidery project from LAST WINTER so I can post about it
  • start baby shower knitted gift

Other Things

  • Library clean up day on Sunday (other people are coming, I have to do this one)
  • Type up Library meeting notes (because my handwriting is Horrid)
  • eat like a grownup (because Neil is gone for the next week, and popcorn for dinner is only fun once)
  • do laundry, run dish washer, and other boring grown up tasks

Is it bad that the last one is most likely to be ignored for other, more fun activities?


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