garden is in

  • chicken-proof the fence – Garden staples (4 inches long and mean looking!) are my friend.  Also a row of rocks, not really a wall, to fill in some gaps.
  • expand the garden – toned down, just added a few feet on the south edge.
  • rip out grass – in the expanded section of garden, still took an entire afternoon.
  • move A-frame – I put tomato seedlings in here, also planted watermelons and some squash inside to give them an extra boost!
  • transplant seedlings – all the squashes (4 winter, 1 summer, cukes, and watermelons), broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, tomatillos, a gypsy tomato, 4 kinds of herbs, and strawberries (just from my back yard to my garden)
  • plant asparagus crowns – 10 of them, under the strawberries and herbs
  • direct seed corn, beans (green and 2 kinds of dry), and soybeans

grow little squasheslittle broccoli


  • move meat chicks out of small box and into larger space (fence off their side of the hallway first)
  • fix bent door hinge so the hall door swings wide enough to actually clean coop

I did sew that skirt I was talking about.  The library clean up went brilliantly! I actually feel like we can have patrons in there soon, and not be embarrassed.  And eating like a grown up was a complete success.  It helped that I bought myself scallops and fresh tuna (two things Neil doesn’t like) so I had something to look forward to cooking.  I even ran the dishwasher once (it’s the little things)

Not Done:

bought some plants

  • transplant grape vines, elderberry bush, strawberries
  • create a new flower bed, plant the rose bush, 4 perennials, and many annuals I bought, also the gladioluses (gladioli?) from the basement (why no, this wasn’t on friday’s list)
  • clean chicken coop- next weekend
  • do Something with the last three meat birds from last year (or I should just give up and name them)
  • Designing – um yeah… I spent the whole weekend in the garden.  But since I have only Me to hold myself responsible-  and I’m also the one who’ll have some late nights to catch up, I’m not letting anyone down.

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