New Skirt!

Back in April I picked up some fabric that I had plans to use for a skirt. This weekend I combined that blue and brown fabric with a delightfully vintage pattern (from my mom’s basement)

vintage pattern

And whipped up a quick skirt. The pattern is very VERY simple with a modified 3/4’s of a circle for the body, a waistband, and a pocket. I followed the pattern with the exception of adding more contrasting fabric along the bottom edge first.

new skirt

The printed fabric is a linen rayon blend which is heavier than most of the cottons in my stash. Add to that the fact that another print was NOT going to work well, and I was a bit flummoxed on what to use. I was standing in the fading daylight trying to match some solid color to the print when I realized that the blue was just the same color as faded denim. And since I’m horrible at throwing out worn jeans, I have a pretty good supply of faded denim as long as you can make due with the bits of fabric below the holes in the knees.

So I patched together strips the same width as the waistband to trim the ends and lower edge of the wrap around skirt. I sewed it together with the right side of the denim against the wrong side of the linen so I could fold it over and have both right sides facing and the raw edges all inside* I added ribbon along the edge, and then it was just a matter of attaching the pocket and waistband. Seriously, this would have been a much quicker project if I didn’t go modifying it…

in the details

But I think the little details make it look so nice! The dragonflies are a bonus. They’re leftover from a much older stenciling project. The jeans wore out and have been in the scrap heap for at least a year. I’m glad I was able to rescue them to decorate my new skirt!

all in good fun

A little shorter, worn lower on the hips, and in a large print fabric: I think this skirt updates pretty well! Also, the headscarf made an excellent ear cover to help keep the blackflies away while gardening all weekend.

*did that hurt your brain? It’s ok, I did it wrong the first time and had to seam rip the lower edge aka the longest seam in the whole *@&$ project…


6 responses to “New Skirt!

  1. I may mildly resemble the vintage remark . . . I believe I probably had at least 5 skirts made from that pattern back in my teaching days!

  2. I.LOVE.this.skirt.

    • Thanks! I could loan you the pattern sometime, it’s really very simple. Just 3/4’s of a circle. Although I find modifying the hem of a true circle so it’ll be level is the trickiest part (hence, using the pattern!)

  3. It’s great! I love the dragonfly on the pocket – totally makes it stand out!

    • I love that little dragonfly, I’m so glad I managed to get him into a new project. I knew I was saving those pants with the torn knees for a reason!

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