Knit Camp

It’s hot and summery outside, and it has me thinking of canoeing, hiking, and camping! So I thought I’d give a second shout out to VT Knit Camp. There will be knitting, good food, knitting, hikes, spinning, camp fires, talking about knitting, and probably some crochet too!

Seriously, it’s a wonderful time and you can check out my pictures from previous years here and here. I’ll be there from Friday night through Monday (august 12-15), and I always bring along my trunk show (such as it is) and this year I’ll have ALL the mitts from Time on my Hands – even the ones that aren’t published yet at that point (and I expect that all NINE pairs will be knit up by then)

If you’re in the New England area (or just nearby, people drive up from as far away as New Jersey) and like sitting around a campfire* knitting/spinning/crocheting you should come, it’s the best time that can be had for $17.50 (and you can pay via paypal)

night at camp

*you can drive right up to the lean tos, the composting toilets are nice, and don’t smell at all, and there are showers down the street, it’s not really roughing it.


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