Knit night at my house tonight – I’m very excited.

My bean seeds are sprouting today and I can’t wait to see them when I get home!

Neil is coming home from his week driving across country today!!!!!!

I’m not excited for knitting tonight – my friend Amy is bringing her drum carder (Amy: don’t forget!) and I’m going to card up batts! All kinds of batts!

It’s free entry weekend at VT state parks, and we’re going to go canoeing!

I have two hand-related photo shoots planned in the next two weeks. My hands are all beat up from gardening. I’m not sure how this is going to work.

I may have been dying fiber samplers in bright colors all of last night.

Food dye colors skin too. See point above about hand-related photo shoots.

Our CSA starts up next week. It’s perfect because the lettuce I over-wintered is finally starting to go to seed from all the heat we had this week.

Mama chicken has been sitting on her eggs for 3 days longer than it should take. I’m going to give her new eggs after I clean the coop, but I’m afraid she’ll get bored and give up…

Did I mention Neil is coming home today??!! So excited!!


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