Almost Perfect

The best part of independently publishing patterns is that if I want to share a perfectly good picture of an upcoming design I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission. This is an out take from the recent photo shoot with Sun Dial – one of the two patterns coming in July for the Time on my Hands e-book.

almost perfect

This picture is pretty much perfect, except that the cuff is folded over down at the bottom there. I guess this is why publishing houses have photo stylists on hand.

Don’t worry. I got some perfect shots for the pattern as well.

Like I said, this pattern is coming out in July. If you buy the collection now you’ll get the June savings (10% off), and the updated PDF will automatically be sent your way with each new release, details here.


2 responses to “Almost Perfect

  1. How pretty! I love the thumb detailing.
    Is that Lady’s Mantle in the garden behind you?

    • I believe it is! The garden with the sun dial is actually at a rest area on I-91 in Vermont – but it looks just like the Lady’s Mantle in my own garden :-)

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