I had an idea for a what-I’m-wearing post, and then I realized that the shawl in question hasn’t been published yet. And while no news probably isn’t good news on the submission at this point – I’m not going to leap to any assumptions until I hear back from the publisher! So instead, I’m dedicating this entire post to beans.

Yup, beans! I love green beans, and while I didn’t love dried beans as a kid I’ve discovered that really I just didn’t love canned dried beans (kidney, black, etc…) the texture of freshly cooked dried beans is MUCH better, and now I love them too. Also, I’ve been growing them in my garden for two years and it’s stupidly easy.

rows of beans

You can plant bush beans close enough together that once they leaf out they keep the weeds down by themselves. And you don’t harvest them until the end of the season. All this low maintenance growing makes up for the need to shell the beans in the late fall (at least in my mind) I suppose I could still grow pole beans for my fresh beans (they’re easier to pick) but, um, I don’t – or at least haven’t yet!

soy beans

This year I’m growing soy beans for edamame. I tried this two years ago, but the summer was too cold and they didn’t do so well. I’m trying again this year and I’m hoping for a nice warm, sunny summer. I’ve never done this successfully, but I assume I just pick them green (like green beans), blanch, and freeze. Makes sense to me anyway.

jacob cattle

We get jacob cattle beans from the CSA and this year I thought to plant some of them, and they came up! I think it’s cute how they have the little stripes on their cotyledons.


I think these are cranberry shelling beans – at least that’s what some blog friends suggested last year at harvest time. This is the third year for them in my garden, counting the year the first plant volunteered itself in my squash bed.

dragon langerie

Finally for green beans I’m growing dragon langerie. Green is a loose term for these, what I mean is green as in fresh (not dried). For 5 years I’ve grown burgundy beans for my fresh beans, so I decided to try something new. I call these guys dragon lingerie beans in my head.


2 responses to “Beans!

  1. The edamame is that easy – my dad grew it once or twice. I think we steamed and ate them all fresh though, without having any left over to freeze.

    • Well there’s a very good chance we’ll eat it all fresh too! But I like to have a plan for freezing/canning as well. I know I can buy frozen edamame, so I figure it can’t be too hard to freeze mine own for later if I’m drowning in other veggies when they’re ready.

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