Pie Crusts

I have a trick for easy and delicious pie crusts.

pie crusts

Skip the whole “rolling out the dough” process.

After all, that’s the hard, and time consuming part. It’s also the part where I have a tendency to over work the dough and make tough crusts. Instead, I just mix the butter, flour, salt and water until it just barely sticks together. Pat it into a flat circle and place it in the pie plate. Adding extra flour as things get sticky I start in the center and squish the circle of dough out towards the edges. Squish it on right up the sides of the plate, make sure it’s not too thick in the corners – and you’re good to go!

These crusts may not win any prizes at the county fair, but they stay light and flaky. Also, now you know why I’m such a fan of open-faced pies…


4 responses to “Pie Crusts

  1. I’ve been tempted to do a pie crust post….but mine is so much more involved! It looks delicious, I would love to be eating pie and knitting with you.

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