Roses aren’t just red

Saturday’s pie crusts became quiches which went with me to the bluegrass festival that afternoon. I took some really nice pictures. Which I seem to have left on my computer at home. So I’ll show them to you another day. In the mean time let’s look at my pretty pretty roses.

There’s the sea rose:

sea rose bloom

I have no idea what kind of rose bush this is, but it appears identical to the ones that grow along the Atlantic coast from Maine all the way to Nova Scotia. Presumably it’s some kind of rugosa? Whatever it is, it reminds both Neil and I of the ocean. And you can smell it from across the yard, possibly because it’s as big as a VW bus:

rose SHRUB

Jake is for scale, keep in mind Jake is a 70lb golden mix – not a small dog…

New last autumn is a petite little climbing rose:

tea rose bud

My friend gave it to me for my birthday last year apologizing that it was root bound and sad looking after spending all summer in a pot. It over wintered just fine though, and is happily throwing buds and considering the trellis I gave it. This one makes up for the sea rose by not smelling at all, but it’s little flowers are pretty enough to make up for that.

tea rose

Finally, so new I can’t even take credit for it:

angel bloom

my “Angel Face” lavender rose. I think that’s about the tackiest plant name I’ve ever heard, but that’s what it says on the tag. I bought it for the lavender color and the awesome rosey/spicy smell of the blooms. It’s still in the pot while I consider what part of my yard is next for the growing rose collection.

calla lilly
(that’s not a rose…)


2 responses to “Roses aren’t just red

  1. Wow, those roses are soo pretty! I bet they would make awesome hydrosols! What growing zone are you in?

    • I’m in growing zone 4 – and the northern edge at that. There are lots of roses I can’t grow, but luckily a few awesome ones like the sea roses I can :-)

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