Monarch Emerging

Almost exactly one year ago, I found this moth on my porch.


And several blog readers suggested it should be interpreted into knitting. Knitting a shawl that shape and with those colors would have been the obvious thing to do. But I wanted to be more obscure – also I didn’t want to tackle large, non-repeating patterns in intarsia in a shawl. So I designed a skirt.


This skirt – Monarch Emerging PDF available from Sanguine Gryphon. The original submission was in browns and pinks with gold beads, however I think the colors chosen by Sanguine Gryphon are equally beautiful, show off the stitch patterns in some amazing ways, and are a little less twee. The pattern is (as I just mentioned) in the summer collection just released by Sanguine Gryphon – it’s an English garden party themed collection and they have some other beautiful patterns in it besides mine ;-) Check them all out here. You can queue and favorite Monarch Emerging on Ravelry.


One of the things I wanted to do was make a skirt that wasn’t going to sag horribly when worn. This is not something knitted fabric is great at, but I think my approach is a good one. I interspersed linen stitch panels with moss stitch panels to create an 8-gore styled skirt. The two textures show off the multicolored yarn in different ways, and I like to think they mirror the fuzzy textures on moth and butterfly wings to some degree (or am I fooling myself there?)

skirt-button detail

Below that the skirt increases significantly with the switch from dense linen and moss stitch to open, airy lace. A touch of sparkle is added with size 6 seed beads placed at the points of the lace. There’s a set of increases between the two colors of lace, and a final set of increases to create the ruffle before the bind off.

front view

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