Bewitching Hour

The second pattern in the Time on my Hands e-book is Bewitching Hour.

pretty hands

You can read the pattern details on this page, and see the e-book details here.

I had so much fun with this photo shoot. I’ll admit I still love a chance to play dress up!


The stone building is a little chapel on the grounds at Trapp Family Lodge. It’s a perfect fairytale setting, the way it’s hidden out in the woods, up a hill through the sun-dappled leaves.

handing over time

Of course the sun dappling through the leaves made for some interesting color challenges in the photo editing.

tall with chapel

The gloves are great, I love the US grown and spun wools made by Quince & Co. Chickadee is a sport weight yarn, which means these gloves knit up faster than fingering weight gloves, but still have a fabric that doesn’t feel thick and funny between the fingers.


And if you don’t have a lot of chances to wear ball gowns, that’s ok. These gloves work just fine with a regular coat. The long cuffs do a superb job keeping the cold wind out of your sleeves.

bewitched normal 2


8 responses to “Bewitching Hour

  1. It looks like it was a fun photo shoot – you are completely adorable!

  2. I love it! The shoot is charming, and the gloves are awesome. Those’ll make a great Christmas gift for someone I know!

  3. Your gloves are stunning, the pictures are great! I love the cloak and how you used the hour glass.

    Is that dress from what I think it’s from??

    • If you think it’s my senior prom dress then you’re correct! I use it for doing princess themed birthday parties too :-)

      • I had vague memories of it with other fancy dresses and tuxes, and that didn’t leave many options! hooray for dresses that can be worn more than once! I still have vague plans to turn the big blue bridesmaids dress into a “little blue dress”, and that hasn’t happened and I think they just celebrated 2 years…

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