6 years!

Neil and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Friday in our usual, quiet way. We picked a special recipe and made dinner together. We made a point of lighting a few candles while we ate dinner at the table. I made dessert for a change. The steak au poivre recipe is one of Neil’s specialties, and the beef was from a local farm. Ditto the salad, and the strawberries on top of the angel food cake (and the eggs inside it). Even the salad dressing was home made, Neil’s given up on store bought ranch dressing.

It wasn’t ready to eat until 8:30 though, which is also symbolic of our current state of business. We’ve had an especially busy year. Neil’s gone back to school full time in hopes of finishing his degree in a year, that’s on top of working part time. Meanwhile I have my full time job along side all my design work, which I’m trying to increase as well.

We can do all this because we support each other. We both help with the chores around the house; we both cook, we both clean. I man the flash cards when Neil’s studying for an exam, and he helps wind yarn when I’m knitting under a looming deadline. That’s all part of the team work involved in making things work, and now that we’re up to 6 years I think we’re starting to get the hang of it! There will always be more to learn, and that’s ok too.

Besides, almost anything beats last year, when we spent our anniversary in a mechanic’s yard clearing out our totaled car before the wrecker came for it.


6 responses to “6 years!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Marriage is the best. We usually celebrate with steak au poivre too! (though sometimes lamb). I’m glad it an uneventful evening.

  2. Happy 6th anniversary to you and Neil! Here’s to many more to come!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have things working pretty well – I am looking forward to whenever the time comes for marriage :)

    • It’s amazing how you can have things working well, and still be learning new things about each other after 6 years. I’m told that’s true at 20 years as well!

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