Freedom rangers gotta range!

The little meat birds are spending the evening outside this week. In a week they’ll be big enough I’ll brave letting them outside all day.

freedom rangers

Their integration with the rest of the flock was basically a non-issue. Myles the Rooster came running over when they jumped outside – and then just stood there. Clearly these birds were too small to mate with, but he didn’t want to leave them unattended either. If he’s going to be so protective of them I really should worry less about hawks. The guineas were my other big worry, but they seemed to be far more interested in the high protein broiler crumbles than the broilers themselves. Most of this is probably due to my coop setup. The little birds have been living in the hallway since Day One; fenced off from the big birds but within sight.

coop divisions

I love this setup, it makes things SO EASY when I need to isolate birds for any number of reasons.

And the little rangers have been enjoying their range in the evenings:

ranger gotta range

I bet they can’t wait to be outside every day.


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