food in jars

It’s wednesday and already the meat chicks are outside all day. Neil went to feed them this morning and apparently they were so excited they ran right outside and refused to go in. Who’s ever heard of a cornish x passing up breakfast in favor of foraging?

In completely unrelated news I’ve found a new blog I love: Food In Jars. I’ve been keeping food in jars for years, why’d it take me so long to find this? Today I had breakfast in a jar:

yogurt in the jar

Home made strawberry black currant jam, yogurt, milk, and maple syrup to sweeten it. It’s like those drinkable yogurts at the store, except seriously* home made.

The jam making season has started in earnest too! Last weekend my friend Becky** and I made Strawberry rhubarb ginger spring jam, strawberry black currant jam, and rose petal freezer jam.

2011 jam

I’d never had a canning day with friends before, it was so much fun! Everything is more than twice as easy with two people, and the whole ladling and topping jars goes MUCH more quickly. Also I think her handwriting on the labels is better than mine.

*that’d be home made with all kinds of home made ingredients.
**there are a lot of Beckys in Vermont, besides me I mean.


2 responses to “food in jars

  1. I love rose petal jam! Where did you get the rose petals? I also love rose hip jam – one of my plans is to grow roses that make petals and rosehips just for jam.

    • I have a sea rose shrub (some kind of rugosa?) the size of a VW bus at my house. When it’s in full bloom I can pick a gallon of petals without putting a dent in the number of blossoms. It has really nice rose hips too!

      And is spreads like crazy… Growing it isn’t a problem so much as beating it back and preventing it from taking over the world!

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