Sun Dial mitts

Another Friday pattern release! I know some designers shy away from this, but why? Personally I get lots of knitting done on the weekends*.

claspedclose up

And if you’ve 130-172 yards of worsted weight yarn in your stash, you could finish these by Sunday evening, easily. I designed them in Green Mountain Spinnery‘s Wonderfully Woolly yarn. It’s a classic, woolly, US grown and spun yarn. Softer than many rustic yarns but still a nice durable one. You can read the pattern details on this page and see the e-book details here Or just visit Sun Dial over on ravelry.


Sun dials are an elegant, durable, and ancient way to track the time of day. These mitts mimic them with a simple, elegant cable that runs up each thumb. The classic durability of a woolly, warm yarn memorializes both ideals in your knitting.


If I could have done this photo shoot at Stonehenge, I would have. Instead, I visited the I-91 rest area in Guilford, VT. Vermont has all the best highway rest stops, don’t you agree?

*and maybe that means I’m looking at fewer patterns online? oh well…


5 responses to “Sun Dial mitts

  1. Love the thumb detail! Very pretty.

  2. I’ve already got them faved.

    I’m with you tho – I will take a trip to Stone or any other Henge for a photo shoot! Although it IS a nice rest area. :)

  3. I love these! I’ll be making them – as soon as I get done with this quilt for my best friend’s wedding :)

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