Too damn hot

It’s too hot here – if you’re in the US there’s a good chance it’s too hot where you are too.

basil lime pop

Basil Lime Freezer Pops

1.5 cups water
3T maple syrup
3T lime juice
minced fresh basil

basil lime pop ingredients

The amounts are going to vary widely depending on the size of the glasses/containers* you’re using. Mix everything up so it tastes good, but you want it a little strong. The flavors are more mellow once it’s frozen.

Put the basil in the glasses. Mix the sugar, water, and juice. Pour in the glass. Add some kind of a stick. Freeze.

I pulled them out when they were half frozen to mix the minced leaves down into the half-frozen ice better. This way the sticks stood straight up as well. But you could just let them freeze with slanty-sticks. Anyone who judges your slanty popsicle handles clearly doesn’t deserve a frozen treat.

* They make popsicle molds, but I don’t own any. I just made sure the glasses were wider at the top than at the bottom. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get them out.


6 responses to “Too damn hot

  1. Ooo your flavor is fancier then mine- I just mixed a pint of raspberries (from the back yard) with lemonaide, its lazy but good. I’m going try your way next!

  2. Haha. Love it! I am going to dig out my old popsicle molds and make some. I always just froze OJ for the kids.

  3. Oooh, those look good! And I think the basil outside is getting big enough I can actually pick leaves off it now…

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