a visit

Yesterday Neil and I headed out into The Kingdom on a yarn mission. I’d been in touch with Judy of Ball and Skein and she’d agreed to provide yarn support for one of the Time on my Hands patterns. Then she suggested that rather than picking colors through a computer monitor I should just come visit her studio and see everything in person! It was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

It was wonderful to get to see all her yarn bases, all the colors she has dyed up, and her studio.* I chose two colors:

Nickeld & Dimed, and Manise in Glissade.

We got to see the skein winders (which they design and build themselves), spindles, oriface hooks, and all the other projects going on!

oriface hook
Yep, one of the pretty little hooks is hanging on my spinning wheel now.

And best of all we got to sit on their porch looking out over their little lake and enjoy the beauty of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Her place is even more beautiful than her photos show. It was breezy and warm and a great chance to visit with some of Vermont’s other fiber-minded people.

As an aside about the book, I want to acknowledge that yes, my designing has slowed down this month. Along with the need for emotional and mental recuperation there are technical issues. For instance 3 of my next 6 photoshoots need clocks at my parents’ and sister’s houses. So there won’t be any more designs released in the Time on my Hands book this month. However the behind the scenes work is starting to pick back up. I’m back to knitting and charting and sending things off to my tech editor. I hope to release 3 patterns in August, and I’m still aiming to have the collection finished by this Autumn, it just might be October instead of September. Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

*she doesn’t have a retail store on site, but you can visit her at many festivals around New England.


4 responses to “a visit

  1. Is that back porch/deck of her place not THE most idyllic spot? With the pond and the flowers, and the birds and her cats?

  2. Oo thanks for reminding me she had a site- I’d only ever seen her stuff at VT Sheep and Wool (I went last year on a mission to buy her yarn). I love your color choices!

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