So I knit this shawl:

nameless shawl

It was just meant as a little something to work on when I got tired of the mitts and the DPNs.* The yarn is colinette jitterbug from my stash. I was going to use it for the mitts, the ones which are now going to be made from the glissade. But when I was swatching I realized it had too much bounce, not enough drape, and no shine.

So it became a shawl instead. I like the shawl, although the yarn still wasn’t meant to be. I ran out of BOTH colors, the green about 50 yards from the end and the white about 75 yards from the end. Luckily for me there are kind-hearted people on Ravelry. Kind-hearted people who were willing to mail me remnants of their skeins (in the same colorways!) so I could finish.

nameless wingspan

But then I really LIKED this shawl. So I’ve written up the pattern. It’ll be made with a sock yarn that has better yardage. I pawned off the knitting the second one on a friend (thanks Amy!) so I don’t have to make two.

But it still needs a name. Got any suggestions?

*I need variety in my life, always.


4 responses to “Nameless

  1. Serenity

    • It’s an excellent name. Sadly it’s already on several other designs (one of the trickier problems of naming is being unique, or at least unique enough)

  2. not that this helps, but it reminds me of your corelle pattern…

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