Curly toes

Since I’m always raving about the Freedom Rangers, I figure complete honesty is important. They’re clearly smarter than cornish cross. They range better, chase bugs, drink from the stream, and take dust baths. But they’re still meat birds – obviously based on how they grow!

mmm tasty
(note, this is from the beginning of July* – so this hen is only 6 weeks)

And for the next 4-6 weeks we’ll be feeding out 50lbs of feed each week on top of everything they’re eating outside. And there’s one other, obvious, sign of the selective breeding that goes into making birds like this, meet Curly Toes:

curly toes

Yup. There’s something a little special about him, isn’t there? I had one bird out of 26 with this problem last year, and again this year. It’s not really a problem for him. It doesn’t seem to slow him down, he’s one of the biggest rooster now (oh yeah, at 8 weeks the roos have already started practicing their crow – just like cornish crosses the whole bird development is sped up) The other birds don’t pick on him, and he can run around with the others no problem. But lets just say I wouldn’t want him to pass on any genes.

*These photos are old, life got in the way of this post. Just use your imagination – these birds are even fatter and happier now.


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