Camel’s Hump

Sunday was so beautiful Neil and I packed up the dogs and went for a hike up Camel’s Hump.


I made a poor choice for shoes. But despite being betrayed by my feet we made it to the summit in time for lunch. The hike back down took us around, and under! the steep cliff face that is the back side of the summit.


My new smartphone as an app that tracks hikes. So I can see average speed, total time and distance traveled, elevation change… It’s a really cool toy, especially since I remember hiking when my grandmother had the state of the art watch with a GPS unit in it – that had to be calibrated at the start of every hike, was only accurate within 50ft, and you still had to keep track and do the math if you wanted to know your total elevation gain. So I can tell you that 8.99 miles round trip, and a total elevation gain of 2170ft will make for two very tired dogs:

sleepy reggie.jpg


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