Still dreaming of cardigans

Anyone besides me remember my decision to work on my sweaters-in-progress rather than starting new sweaters all the time? Well I’ve avoided the issue all together by knitting nothing but mitts (gloves, mittens, etc…) for most of the summer*. But I’m closing in (just 5 mitts left!) on done with that knitting, and I’m itching to start something new. Since I never starting that spring cardigan I was dreaming of back in April I guess I’m skipping it and moving on to dreams of FALL cardigans. Mmmm, yes. And I have help. The fall issue of Interweave Knits landed in my mailbox last week, and Fall Twist Collective went live yesterday. I’ve already been stash diving, so I can tell you I have 950 yards of bulky yarn (cascade eco wool) 1400 yards of aran weight (bartlett fishermans) and 1750 yards of DK (peace fleece) SO! With those high yardages in my stash I ought to be able to knit whatever pattern suites my fancy.

So here’s a list of cardigans-I-wish-I-had-time-to-knit:

Twist Collective:

simple, draping, ok, maybe I just love that shade of red (and it’s not in my stash) also I love this style of collar, because I also love:

Crane Creek

texture, and that collar again…

and I’m renewing my love for Stormsvale

but I think I’ve already decided that I’d want a more neutral color of peace fleece (than the purple in my stash) for the body of this…

Cardiff Coat

Probably better off in wool than alpaca (convenient how I have wool in my stash, not alpaca, yes?)

Honeycomb Jacket

such a pretty texture, and the collar calls to me…

and from last year (for good measure) the leitmotif cardigan

because I love cables, we’ve covered that, yes?


Also from this season I think Leaflet would look awesome with long sleeves. (don’t get me started on short sleeved sweaters again)

Indie designs:
There are so many good ones, but these keep coming up when I poke around Ravelry, as if they’re part of some sort of recurring dream…
Dark and Stormy

a cardigan with cables AND that collar I like?!

Look at that fabulous hood!

The Starfish Cardigan calls to me with pretty textured bits.

Which do you like best?
What are you planning (or dreaming) of knitting this fall?

Pictures are all courtesy (and copyright) of the publications and/or designers (except when linked to another source).

*I took a break for two shawls, two baby gifts, and some socks.


12 responses to “Still dreaming of cardigans

  1. Kerrera! Its been on my must-make list forever. I keep promising myself I’m going to knit that but I’m still somewhat freaked out by top down sleeves. My one attempt so far was so disappointing its not documented.
    I love the Crane Creek (practical and pretty!) and Leitmotif too… Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t get short-sleeved cardigans, maybe its our geography?

    • My excuse for knitting Dulce de Leche from Twist was to learn top down sleeves. I really enjoyed the trick, although you have to make sure the picked up sts are really smooth. Maybe I just got lucky on that part…

      My issue with short sleeved sweaters is certainly geography related. If I need the warmth on my upper arms I’m going to need it on my forearms too. I like vests and sweaters, but nothing in between!

  2. crane creek!

  3. My list is so long… I was dreaming about knitting something OTHER than the big project I’m working on right now. But it’s got priority until it’s done. So we’ll see – I may need to throw something bulky and fast on the needles, just to prove I can.

  4. I LOVE Dark and Stormy and the Cardiff Coat! Although if I made D&S for myself I would lengthen it a little, for a more flattering cut. But the cables and the collar are stunning!

  5. Crane Creek or Dark & Stormy! If I ever win the lottery, I’ll take one of each ;)

  6. I was prepping my paean to the new Twist Collective just as your latest entry landed in my feed! I love cardigans, and that certainly seems to be the shape of the moment, especially with texture instead of colorwork. I still don’t have the fall IK but I was thinking about trying out the e-issue they just emailed me about. I have so many knitting magazines in my house, and zero idea what to do with them. Some are fifteen years old, and I don’t know what I’m saving them for, but I feel too guilty to throw them out. It’s a sickness.

    Anyhow, it looks like there’s going to be a KAL for Twinings, and I have some stash yarn that would be perfect, so I think I’m going to tackle that as soon as Via Diagonale is off the needles. I’m getting to the can’t-wait-to-be-done stage with that one.

    • I have ALL THE INTERWEAVE KNITS from 2000 onward. I figure it’s a resource so I let them live on their very own bookshelf. Now I can’t ever miss an issue, because I’ll have a hole in my collection…

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