More gloves!

I’ve finally been able to pull all the pieces together and release Grandfather Clock. This is the 4th pattern in the Time on my Hands collection (the one that was meant for July)

grandfather clock face

These extremely basic gloves are perfect for knitters who’ve never tried gloves before. The simple styling is equally well appreciated by men who don’t want anything fancy on their hands. You can favorite and queue it on Ravelry.

Crystal Palace’s Mini Mochi yarn is perfect for gloves. The wool is soft enough for sensitive skin.* and it’s superwash so it won’t felt with use.

grandfather clock cuff

In this nice plain (manly) colorway (feldspar) the slipped stitch ribbing looks pretty basic. The middle stitch is slipped every other row which keeps the cuffs snug around the wrists. It also makes the fabric just a touch thicker, without being too bulky to fit inside your sleeves. I think the slipped stitch pattern would help to mix up colors in a more lively colorway.

grandfather clock glove

I love how the slow transitions of this colorway make for a consistent, even gradient across the whole glove. I barely had to work for that effect! The green just started before the fingers, and held up through 3 of them. The pinky finger I actually unraveled a little ahead in that skein so it starts in the blue and works towards the charcoal. But that charcoal comes up naturally next and matches where the thumb departed from the hand. I got lucky, I just started at the beginning of the first skein. But each color repeat is long enough I think this would work starting from other points in the sequence. For the second mitten I unraveled the second skein to find the matching start point. Because of the way they create these skeins they don’t all start at the same point, so if you’re not careful (or if you don’t care) you’ll end up with fraternal (not identical) gloves.

grandfather clock winding

These were actually the FIRST pattern I drafted and knit for this collection, I’m so glad to finally release it into the wild! I hope you enjoy it!

*fun fact! My mom modeled the gloves. She has highly sensitive skin and had no issues with this yarn. Well, except that she was wearing wool gloves on an 80F and 92% humidity day in August…


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