Community Supported Agriculture

Thursdays are CSA pickup days! Along with my garden (I should get a picture, the tomatoes are shoulder height and the corn is FEET taller than me!) Neil and I buy a 4 person CSA share every year. We eat A LOT of salad in the spring (and still some gets slimy and goes to the chickens) By August we’re getting extra beans, broccoli, cabbage, corn, cucumbers (and things further down the alphabet too) Everything from our garden and the CSA gets combined and I start putting up lots of veggies for the winter. I freeze whatever I can* and can whatever can’t be frozen (did that sentence make your head hurt too?)

I had a chance** to wander around the farm and take photos. For a working farm, this place is pretty idylic!

red barn

4x4 tile

2 tiled

*I have a full sized, stand alone, freezer. This time of year it starts filling up with veggies, meat, berries, and all winter the levels slowly drop.

**when my car broke down in their driveway, and I had to wait for a tow truck


2 responses to “Community Supported Agriculture

  1. Poor car! Which farm is your CSA with?

    • No, poor me! I fixed that break down, and then it broke down AGAIN less than a week later and for a different reason. It and I are not on speaking terms right now.

      It’s the Farm Between in Cambridge (between the villages of cambridge and jeffersonville) so it’s actually one of the closest farms to my house!

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