Yes, I’m so excited about knit camp it deserves an all caps title- before I’ve even arrived! I’ve been looking forward to this since April. And given how the summer has gone I REALLY need the vacation (even if it’s just for a few days)

Neil’s holding down the house with an overflowing garden, a borrowed car, and a dog with a serious hot spot. Words can not properly express how grateful I am that he told me to go anyway, in spite of everything going on at home.

car camping

I’m all packed!

For the record, I think I’m bringing enough knitting for a month. I have the last 25% of Gwen, two mitt projects (fingerless mitts, and lacy cuffs) a second sock, and all the pieces needed for a not-even-cast-on Plum Frost cardigan.

Yep, two cardigans. I really mean it this time, I’m going to actually finish one soon!


7 responses to “KNIT CAMP!!@!

  1. Sounds lovely, wish I were going!

  2. Have loads of fun! (and I just had to say, I’m pretty sure my family has that same enormous canvas tote bag — L.L.Bean, right? We use it for swimming towels :D )

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