Knit camp 2011

Knit camp was, once again, everything I hoped it would be! Well, monday was a bit wetter than expected, but we survived.

At some point in the weekend one person said something, and I realized how very true it was. Knit camp is a perfect example of how these funny online communities we form (communities where we don’t actually know each other in real life at all) can be extended, expanded into real communities where we look forward to getting together and seeing each other. Even if it’s just once or twice a year.

lake mosaic
1. knitcamp swimming, 2. towel on the shore, 3. lake edge, 4. boats on the shore
It was warm enough that for the first time we actually put our knitting down to go swimming! The lake is beautiful and clear, the beach is sandy, and the water is wonderful!

natural setting mosaic
1. lean to, 2. summer afternoon, 3. knitcamp3, 4. flowers
The state park, Kettle Pond, is set up just for groups. So we have lean tos all in a cluster with a central fire pit. It’s beautiful and secluded and a great place to hang out with other knitters!

food mosaic
1. knitcamp2, 2. dutch oven, 3. dinner, 4. camp fire time
The company, the food, the uninterrupted knitting time* I love knitting camp!


*some people chose to go hiking. Good for them! I got some extra knitting time…


One response to “Knit camp 2011

  1. Looks lovely, fun, relaxing and probably JUST what you needed!

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