More fingerless mitts!

I’d like to introduce Tea Time, the next pattern in the Time on my Hands e-book!

tea for me

These pretty little fingerless mitts are one of the original designs that came knocking on the doorstep of my brain when the idea for this collection was conceived. I knew I wanted tea time mitts, rush hour driving gloves*, and cuckoo clock mittens.

tea and biscuts

Luckily I knew both the name and the design for these mitts instantly. I wanted heavy lace, I even knew I wanted bobbles. I don’t even like bobbles, but I’m making an exception for these ones, I love them. And I knew I wanted buttons to match, in fact I had the buttons on the way within the first few days of planning. It feels so good to finally be able to share the finished project with you!**

The yarn here is Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter yarn. I love this lofty, woolen spun yarn. I find it is soft, comfy, and great for showing textures like lace. I’m recommending 149 yards for the smaller size to take into account possible issues with gauge, your gauge swatch, how long the ends you leave are… But I recognize that may seem silly with a 140 yard skein. I actually knit my pair out of a single skein – but I had less than 3 yards left over (and that’s using up the yarn from the gauge swatch) So you can try and use just one skein, but consider yourself warned!

You can favorite and queue Tea Time on ravelry, and just like the other patterns you can purchase it on its own, or with the whole collection. When you buy the collection you’re getting all the existing patterns AND you’ll automatically get an update when new ones are released.

pretty teacup

Just about everything in this photoshoot came from my great grandmother – Grammie Grant. I knew the tea cups were hers, but didn’t realize the clock I’d chosen was as well. Then as we were preparing for the shoot my mom came up with the pretty embroidered table runner and the old family silver – both of which came from boxes saved from her apartment as well. Thus, grateful thanks to Elsa Grant! Who probably would have been amused to see all her things assembled into a knitting photoshoot centered around tea.

One lump, or two?

tean on table

*sadly these got cut when I realized I didn’t have a good design idea to match the name, and when I realized I couldn’t really do a collection of 12 patterns. Yes, originally I thought I was going to have a pattern for every number on the clock face!

**I’m having serious cognitive dissonance right now between the number of fingerless mitts my brain THINKS I’ve published, and the number actually out… That’s a hint – there are more coming!


4 responses to “More fingerless mitts!

  1. I love this one!!! I think they’re so beautiful! They look perfect for reading a book when snuggled under blankets.

    • Aaaand my first thought is that you’re brilliant! My hands always get cold when reading in bed – why haven’t I been wearing fingerless mitts all along!?!

  2. Lovely! And your photo shoot accessories all match so perfectly – just beautiful!

    • Thanks, I’d been thinking about this shoot for awhile. I love when things come together just the way I want them to. In the momen we were struggling with the lighting but it worked out for the best.

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