must be august

must be august because I ought to be in the garden every day. Luckily it survives my benign neglect. This is probably mostly because you can’t see the soil between the plants

august plants 2

Which, if you ask me, keeps the weeds down nicely. And I don’t think they’re packed together so tightly that it bothers them, because I don’t think I’d have shoulder high tomoatoes if they weren’t happy plants

august plants

And you’d probably be laughing if you could see what I had to do to get over the garden fence (the only thing holding up those tomatoes) and behind those plants before the autotimer took that picture!

Speaking of tomatoes, they’re coming along nicely

august tomatoesaugust cabbageaugust corn

as are the corn and cabbages. Anyone know when I’m supposed to pick cabbages? I’m guessing “soon” or maybe “last week.”

My summer squash is riotous

august summersquash

and making me glad once again I don’t have any zucchini planted (I’m already swimming in too many zucchini from the CSA alone)

And the winter squash? Yeah, I’ve got those too, with a sandal for comparision!

august squash

I’ve got another 6 or 8 butternuts like that one. I’m not sure what happened to the buttercups, I don’t see any of them. Maybe they lost their battle with the tomato plants… The acorn squash are doing fine, although one vine went rogue and is busy crushing the bush beans… I’m a little confused about those because I KNOW I planted cranberry shelling beans, and I KNOW all my bean seeds germinated. But I don’t see any with the pretty pink spots. It may be that my seed-saving has gotten the better of me and they cross pollinated with something last year. I like those beans so much I’ll just have to find a source for new seed next spring.

Finally, while my carefully started sunflowers are still only waist high, this one volunteer is making up for them easily,

august sunflowers

And while I’ll continue to insist we have lots of summer left (right through the middle of september at least!) It is starting to get dark a little earlier than it was last month…

august sunset


4 responses to “must be august

  1. My rule for picking cabbages seems to be “the day after they crack” which I suspect is not quite right . .

  2. Oh, your garden is lovely! Your winter squash made me giggle… it reminded me of the (four) zucchini longer than my forearm I picked when I was home a couple weeks ago that my sister hadn’t even noticed!

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