moving right along

See this?

last pair

It’s the LAST pair of mitts for the Time on my Hands e-book! I should have them finished by the end of today! I’m kinda crazy excited about this (even though I have two or three pairs I should knit a second time for various people, but shhhh)

And the third August design is with my tech editor right now. This puts me back on track for having the collection done by the end of September or beginning of October. Although if I want to release 3 in September I really had better start with their layout and charting. I need some quality time with my computer, and this time of year is so busy in the garden and with visiting people! Still, I’ll make the time, I’m sure.

But what will I knit next? I have another design making it’s presence known in my brain which may come out of my head and onto my needles soon enough. But while I’m finishing the computer work for these I’ll be in knitting down-time. I love working other people’s designs. My current plan is to put serious effort into my Gwen cardigan. I have the fronts half finished. Once I complete them it’s just the button band, collar, and seaming! My goal is to be done with it for Rhinebeck.

Because yes, I will be there! With knits on :-)


4 responses to “moving right along

  1. No Rhinebeck for me again this year – I keep hoping, but the planets have not aligned.

    Fantastic that you are SO CLOSE to finishing up! Woot!

  2. I like the idea of wearing those under a long sleeved coat to make the ruffles stick out….

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