Well that was exciting

We’ve survived hurricane Irene high and (relatively) dry up here on the slopes of the green mountains. The same can not be said for friends down in the valleys. All over vermont rivers are jumping their banks (again) flooding small villages and washing out roadways. I’ve heard of at least three covered bridges that have been washed down stream. The sadness of loosing those beautiful old buildings is not tempered, just dulled, but the more essential losses of homes and businesses elsewhere.

All I’ve lost is my sweet corn. I need to get out there and harvest the ears that were already ripe so I can get them into the freezer before they rot on the stalks.

But before I start that I do want to let you know that I have released my next pattern. I did the final edits on the Morningtide mitts with a steady rain falling on the roof, and I switched the computer off just as the winds picked up. Then I sat for a full day without power knowing the pattern was ready to go, but trapped on my hard drive. So without further ado:

breaking fast

This is the photoshoot involved pj’s and eating breakfast at 4:30 in the afternoon. I’ve done stranger things for a good photo:

mmm coffee

You know you want my monkey shirt!

see the thumbs

You can see all the photos, and find the pattern on Ravelry, as always.

4 responses to “Well that was exciting

  1. Glad you made it through Irene okay! Those mitts are sooo cute!

  2. The mitts are beautiful! Looks like the photoshoot was fun too :) I’m so glad you survived the storm with so little damage.

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