Vermont continues to try and regroup after the hurricane. It wasn’t the winds so much as the flooding which has knocked so many flat. I’m still not at work. Some buildings in Waterbury had feet of water on the first floor (my yoga studio, for instance is closed until further notice) The state complex includes many basement offices and I have no idea when they’ll be asking us to return to work.

But I’m thankful. I’m glad not to be in any of the dozen communities which are completely cut off from everyone. I’m grateful for them that there will be helicopter deliveries of food and supplies to those places soon.

I’m thankful my electric coop (one of the smaller companies, but covering the largest area) was organized enough to get my power back on yesterday. I’m especially thankful to have today with electricity so I can get my corn off the stocks, blanched, and frozen. I even rescued the baby corn. I’d never tried picking it before, it always seems like such a waste.

baby corn stirfry
I’m so thankful.


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  1. Beautiful picture!

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