Fall garden

I don’t usually have much empty space in my garden this time of year. But what with the total loss of tomatoes and corn almost half my garden is bare.

root crops

Luckily there is still time to plant a fall garden. In amongst the sunflowers* I’ve planted rows of carrots (65-70 days) onions (60 days) and beets (55 days) as well as swiss chard (45 days). This is my first time with root crops. I’m hoping the soil is finally soft enough, and deep enough, for some good ones! But I also planted bunching onions, little finger carrots, and small beets, so I’m not trying anything full sized yet.

Below the root crops are broccoli (55 days), and little pattypan squashes (60 days). Pattypans are little UFO shaped summer squashes that you can eat when they’re still tiny. Next I have two rows of peas (63 days) and spinach (45 days).

peas and spinach

And finally, in the box at the bottom of the garden, red and green lettuce (45 and 50 days). I’ll put up the windows for the a-frame and with any luck we’ll have lettuce well into the winter again this year.


Those days? Those are the days until maturity for the plants I’m growing. Our average first frost comes around the end of september (31 days) so maybe I’m cutting things a little close. But a lot of these plants can handle a light frost, and some of them honestly like the cooler temps better!

*the sunflowers used to be in amongst the corn. Where the corn stalks snapped in the wind, the sunflowers just bent over. I’ve staked them up and they seem pretty happy!


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