What now?

So I finished the mitts, and I finished Gwen. What do I knit in the time when I’m not madly charting, perfecting layout, and double-checking punctuation? Well, I’ve been happily working on my Plum Frost cardigan. Except mine is in shades of brown, red, and purple, so I’m calling it plum tree:

plum tree

But all that brown, all that stockinette. It was perfect around a campfire at knitting camp, and it’s quite nice when I’m watching TV. But sometimes I need more mental stimulation. And for that I pulled a project out of deep hibernation:

wallflower sock

My multicolored Wallflower socks. According to Ravelry I cast on for these in November of last year, sad isn’t it? I was already past the heel, but in the last few days I’ve added several inches to the foot. Maybe someday I’ll even finish the first sock.

Oh, and I’ve knit another round of submission swatches. Those swatches take up a lot more time than I give them credit for. Sometimes I think they should get their own ravelry projects, but then you’d realize how many more ideas I have than I do time to produce them…


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