Help me choose

I’ve been spending some serious design time on the computer doing layouts, editing photos, charting things… The result is I’m just about caught up on all my in progress designs, and I’m completely caught up on my self publishing plans. Clearly I need something new.

Wanna help me choose?

After working up all these mitts I think I need to design a sweater. I have two ideas in the wings which (for one reason or another*) I know I won’t be submitting to any publications. The first, is my Cajeta Cowl pullover:

cowl sketch for web

I want to knit this in a soft, fuzzy yarn with a collar bigger than a turtleneck, but smaller than a full on cowl.

The other, is my Boyden Valley cardigan:

sweatersketch web

Cables, of course, but these are asymmetric up the front and back of one side and the edge of the opposite sleeve.

So those are the two I’m considering. If you help me choose one I’ll give occasional reports, updating this blog on yarn choices, knitting progress, how many times I have to rip back the sleeve. You get the idea. With any luck I’ll have a sweater pattern ready to publish sometime mid-winter-ish. But with all the potential hiccups it could be a lot longer.**

Leave a comment letting me know which you like better. On Sunday I’ll make a decision.

*One has been turned down once, and I decided I’d do it myself. The other has been turned down again and again. I’m not telling which is which.

**by which I mean, I can’t promise a timeline for anything right now.


7 responses to “Help me choose

  1. I kinda like the Boyden Valley – I am always on the lookout for a good cardi to go with lots of things.

    PS – Almost finished up my Root Cellar! One more side of the neck shaping and then the front bands/collar left!

  2. I really like them both – especially the asymmetricality of Boyden Valley – but from personal experience I know I like the look of cardigans but rarely wear them. (I have no idea why that is?) But I LOVE the cable-y not-quite-cowl neck of the first design :)

  3. Boyden! Love the asymmetrical cables!

  4. Not only are the asymmetrical cables on Boyden Valley lots of fun, but the actual cable design you’ve sketched out is beautiful! I vote #2. :-)

  5. love them both! cardigans are my favorite thing ever BUT it’s tough to find a good semi cowl neck sweater out there (turtlenecks are unacceptable/strangling).

  6. Boyden, I love the asymmetry.

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