I may need a drink now

I’ve released Cocktail Hour!

two layers

You can favorite and queue it on Ravelry, as always. And there’s a page with all the details here.

I’m so close to the end of this PDF I can smell it* I have just two more patterns – and one of them is the bonus that will only be available to people who purchase the whole book. Just one more photo shoot, just a little more proof reading.


I spent this morning having angst over the word “Next” should it be used at the start of new rounds with no other designation? Should it have a colon after it? I looked at “next” so many times my brain no longer recognizes it as a word, but rather a funny looking bunch of symbols. I’m convinced I’m not spelling it correctly, except Firefox says I am…

closeup glass

These are the funny things that I deal with as I wrap up this e-book. But I’m so excited to have it all out there soon! I have a number of neat ravelry ads lined up for this month and next to showcase the patterns. I enjoy advertising on Ravelry because A) I’m supporting them, so that’s cool and B) people actually seem to enjoy the ads. Where else on the web does that happen?

all dressed up

Don’t forget to tell me which sweater you like more!

*it smells like olives, or maybe that’s the drink…


2 responses to “I may need a drink now

  1. Love the jewelry :) Super pretty pattern!

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