Sauce day!

It smells like an Italian kitchen in here.

sauce prep

I got tomato seconds from my CSA farm for $1 per POUND. Jealous? You should be. They’re organic, and his 2nds are in better shape than my 1sts would have been if they’d survived.

sauce herbs and spices

Everything’s in the sauce pot now. I just have to stay up until forever and ever waiting for it to boil down.

sauce fresh herbs

And the craziest part is that 20lbs of tomatoes is only a single batch. Usually I make two.


4 responses to “Sauce day!

  1. Do you always make tomato sauce while wearing some elegant dress?

  2. IMHO, you can never have too much tomato sauce.

    And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Hope you have a fantastic one this year!! :)

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