Not even close

I asked which sweater you all liked better, and the answer was pretty much* unanimous! Boyden Valley it is :-)

So I thought I’d show you a little something more for the design. As I mentioned, these have both been submitted to publications, so here’s my submission package for Boyden Valley:

Boyden Valley

This is how I do pretty much all my submissions. I’ll include a schematic if the construction is unusual. And if it’s a physical submission I send the swatch in so I don’t have to fit it on the page. I’ll just tag it with one of my business cards (because they have all my contact info) and write the submission name on the back. I try to get everything onto one or two pages because I figure with hundreds of designs to flip through the editors don’t need to see 6 pages for each idea. I can’t say as this is the best submission format, but it’s what I like.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write a yarn support request.

In the mean time it’s my 29th birthday! So in keeping with tradition I’m offering 29% off all my patterns. Any individual pattern** you purchase through Ravelry will have the discount automatically applied. And what’s more, if you purchase one of my other patterns please forward the receipt to me, and I’ll send you the 29% back via paypal. That includes my patterns from Twist Collective, Tangled, Ennea Collective, Knit Picks, or the yarn companies Sanguine Gryphon and Three Irish Girls. I was going to link them all, but, um, I have a lot of patterns out. Just go here if you want to see them all.

*pretty much meaning some people liked both, but no one voted for Cajeta over Boyden Valley

**Not the e-book, sorry… But the singles of those patterns qualify!

10 responses to “Not even close

  1. When you get old, you’re pretty much going to be giving away your patterns for free! :)

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! I wish I could take advantage of your birthday sale but unfortunately, I’m dead broke at the moment :/ I’ll just have to purchase some of them later at a more affluent period in my life! :D

  4. Happy Birthday and have a great year!!
    Tell me more about a yarn support letter. Is it at all like child support… ? lol

    • Maybe a little bit similar… yarn support is offered by some mills and/or dyers to designers. Essentially they like having patterns that recommend their yarns so they provide the yarn for the sample. Every company does it a little differently though, so I always start by writing a polite letter asking about their procedures.

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