This public service announcement is brought to you by my shelf full of canned goods

the canned goods shelf

Please remember to label your stuff! I’ve experimented with a lot of types of labels. The pretty ones that come with the jars are fun, but of course they’re only good for one year (you can see exactly one here)

so many labels

What are most of my jars labeled with? Masking tape and a sharpie. It’s not pretty. It’s certainly not as pretty as these labels Marnie made, but it does the trick. Also it’s way better than sharpie right on the glass (hard to read) or sharpie on the metal lid (wipes off surprisingly easily) (see above). Luckily masking tape peels right off the glass 2 or 3 years later. In fact it peels off much more easily than those stupid, decorative labels that come with the jars…

And at 11pm when I’ve been making sauce all day? I Just Want To Be DONE. I’m not in the mood for printing pretty labels. The sharpie and roll of masking tape live in a drawer in my kitchen. Quick, easy, and fast (but the masking tape won’t stick to the jars until they cool down, since you’re not supposed to put them away before then it’s like they’re self regulating any everything!) They’re also helpful for unlabeled jars I get as gifts, in the CSA, or from a canned goods swap. Sure I know what the cucumber relish is when a neighbor hands it to me. But next year, when it’s an unlabeled jar sitting in the box next to my own relish? All I’m gonna remember is that it’s different. So do us all a favor and label everything? Thanks.


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