Turkey soup

Yesterday one thing just lead to another. First it was the coldest day of the year since last spring. Cold, damp, and rainy. I decided to heat up the house by baking bread. I walked the dogs while waiting for it to rise, and picked some apples while I was out*. So then I decided to bake some apple crisp too.

Next I realized the only thing missing for dinner was soup. So I pulled some mystery meat** from the freezer. And got the crock pot going.

turkey soup

Finally, because we’d had no soup for lunch. I thought “hey! I should can these leftovers***. So I got out my little pressure canner. It’s kinda small, so I don’t use it as often. But it was perfect for leftover soup. It holds 5 pint jars, and that’s exactly what I had left.

*I wrote a poem. Neil says it doesn’t suck:

in the autumn fog
with my dogs
I don’t mind
homemade bread beckons

**I didn’t THINK it was mystery meat. I thought it was rabbit, but once thawed it turned out to be turkey…

***I don’t like frozen potatoes even if they’re cooked first. And the last bit of leftover soup always goes bad in the fridge before it’s eaten.

2 responses to “Turkey soup

  1. I made a chicken soup last night for myself. Oodles too much really for 1 person, but I think it will freeze well. It was in the 40s here overnight and only 58 here today.

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