choosing yarns

When I’m designing something I try to put a lot of thought into what fibers and which yarns will suite the design best. Although sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. I have a shawl design* which I knit out of two skeins bouncy, squooshy fingering merino from my stash. I picked several pattern features that took good advantage of the bouncy merino. Then I ran out of not one, but BOTH colors with inches to go on the shawl. Turns out those skeins were only 350 yards each… Rather than being that designer** (the one who requires 4 skeins of sock yarn for a pattern that uses 50 yards of each second skein) I decided I needed to change the yarn – even though that meant I had to get more yarn, and wait for the second shawl to be knit***

Right, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, yarn decisions.

So for my Boyden sweater I know that I need a woolen yarn with good stitch definition. That way the cables will pop even against the field of stockinette. I know I need a solid or semi-solid (single color) yarn, so the color won’t distract from the cable pattern. I know I want a DK or worsted weight yarn.

little skeins

Recently I got two lovely little mini skeins in the mail from Dirty Water Dyeworks The gray is Marie a cashmere merino blend. The brown is Edna a silk and polworth blend. Both yarns should have the bounce and stitch definition to work well for this sweater. So mostly I just need to choose my favorite. Below is a poll, let me know what you think about these two yarns, and about sweater yarns in general!

I’ll keep these answers in mind for future designs as well, feel free to leave comments if you want to expand on any of your answers.

*coming soon!

**I’m sure they don’t do it on purpose…

***which I conned my friend Amy into doing for me. I didn’t want to knit the second one as well.

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