I’ve been updating stuff! Specifically patterns, but also my website! If you’re reading through an RSS feed you should come by and check it out! I have a new layout and pretty new headers. The main page still contains the blog content, but now I have columns on the right where you can find quick links to some featured knitting patterns, online magazines I like, other blogs I read, my twitter feed (in case almost-daily updates just aren’t enough!) It’s all very exciting*.

You should also check out the links at the top of my site. From here you can find more details about all my patterns. I’m working on creating dedicated pages for each one**. The dedicated pages have been going up as I finally get around to re-doing the PDF layout for each one.

white clovers preview

In the last two days I’ve redone the layout for ALL FOUR patterns with the Knit Picks IDP program. I’m not changing any content on these patterns, but I’ve been redoing the charts, schematics, and in some cases even the photos:

jay hat neil brown

I’m doing everything I can so the patterns are clearer and easier to use. With the update to these PDFs I’ve also made them available through Ravelry. So if you’ve always wanted the Jay hat (or White Clovers, Amidon, or Foote Brook) in your ravelry library now you can have them – and at the same great price as on the knitpicks website. The new PDFs will be available there too, shortly…

*well exciting to me anyway. I think Neil’s eyes glaze over when I show him these things. But he’s very good and tries to be interested in all of it…

**I’m almost done too, I just have the two freebies and the long-neglected Currants hat pattern.

2 responses to “Updating

  1. Re-doing all of that sort of paperwork stuff almost seems to take longer than just DOING all of it the first go-round. I do like your new layout here tho – very easy to find things.

    • Thanks! It’s true- rethinking is harder than the original process. It probably has to do with breaking out of the “norm” even if it’s a normal I setup myself…

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