Bits and bobs

Lots of little things to say today! So it’s (semi) Random List format time!

Ohdessa has a lovely review of my ebook on her blog today. There’s another chance to win a free copy there as well!

Odessa knows her stuff, she’s got lots of awesome colorwork mitten patterns – including the True North mittens in this fall’s issue of Interweave!

The ladies of the Just one more Row podcast are reviewing the book as well. It should be out today (hopefully they have lovely things to say about it as well)

I think peak foliage is going to be next week. I’m already planning a photoshoot (or two) for the occasion!

My dogs got sprayed by a skunk IN MY FRONT ENTRYWAY yesterday morning. The skunk must’ve let loose about 2 feet from my front door. The first warning I had was when the smell seeped through the closed door into my kitchen (sob)

I can now recommend this recipe for getting skunk off your dogs. It’s a miracle!

There’s no more hydrogen peroxide anywhere in Johnson, we bought it all.

Sadly I’m still looking for the miracle that removes skunk smell from wooden porches.

I’m going to the VT Sheep and Wool festival on Sunday, I’m so excited I can’t think about anything else. I keep forgetting Saturday even exists.

I’ve already decided I’ll be wearing my Lime Pop sweater – if you see me in my crazy green and purple sweater come say Hi!

I’m going to have discount coupons for my patterns, so you really should come say hi.

Does that mean I’m trying to bribe people into being my friend?

2 responses to “Bits and bobs

  1. Oh you’re so good to tell us what (bright and eye catching) sweater to look for! (I love that pattern too) I want to do that but if its cold and blech I’ll just end up wearing what ever is warm enough…Anyway I hope I see you! Not sure if I’m going both days yet or not. Its 15 min. from my house but Sunday I’d have to bring the kiddo too, which won’t be worth the struggle if it rains. Keep your eyes out for an exhausted mama with a tall 3 yr old?

    • I will keep an eye out for you! Looks like Sunday might be the nicer of the two days. But I’ve been to the Tunbridge fairgrounds, so I know to wear my boots anyway!


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