I wouldn’t have believed I had enough garden left to make any garden mistakes. Yesterday while we were cleaning Neil called out to me – why is there a bag full of mouldy beans behind the wood stove? A week earlier, I’d picked my dry beans, put them in a (breathable!) canvas bag, and tucked them behind the stove to dry. Unfortunately it’s been A) too warm for a fire and B) too humid for things to dry*. My lovely, bountiful dry bean harvest- it’s gone. We picked through the bag of beans for the pods that had escaped damage


I should have three jars of beans, not 1/3rd of a jar. The soybeans fared slightly better, I only lost about half that harvest. As one friend said recently – isn’t it great to live in a time when we can go to the grocery store and fix our gardening mistakes? Yes, yes it is.

frosty dandilion

Especially since Mother Nature is clearly sending a message. It’s the end of gardening season.

frosty maple leaf

Hard frost has coated everything for the last two nights.

frosty seeds

Although some of us are still trying to sneak a few plants in under the radar…

sheltered garden

PS: you can enter to win a copy of Time on my Hands over at WEBS right now. In case you’re still trying to score one!

*just ask the silk and wool project that’s been blocking upstairs for 12 days and is still damp


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