Rhinebeck Eve

I’m going to Rhinebeck this weekend!! (In case you somehow managed to miss my excitement) Today qualifies as Rhinebeck Eve because tomorrow afternoon I load into a car full of fibery friends and we hit the road – which is the start of my Rhinebeck, even if I don’t set foot on the fairgrounds that day…

If you’re going too, and you see me, come on up and say hi! I’m playing Rhinebeck Bingo again this year, so I’m fully prepared for random internet friends and strange knitters* to introduce themselves to me. If you’re not already signed up it’s too late to be a square, but you can still get a card and play along! I’ll also have more 10% pattern discount cards for people who come say hi.

I have my food all planned. I’m bringing instant oatmeal – it’s actually my favorite hotel breakfast food. You can make the hot water using the coffee pot that just about every hotel room provides. When I’m traveling a lot I like instant oatmeal way more than yet-another-restaurant-meal because it turns out I dislike eating at restaurants every single meal for days on end… Also, because oatmeal in the morning keeps more money in the yarn budget (priorities)

I also have my outfits planned. I’ll be wearing my Rhinebeck Sweater on Saturday:

gwen 3

and my Root cellar vest on Sunday:

roots unbuttoned

I’ll probably also be sporting a hat, maybe some fingerless mitts, hand knit socks, a shawl if it gets chilly. Yep, I’ll be the one wearing excessive knitwear even for a sheep and wool festival. Ok, maybe that still describes half the crowd…

*Strange knitters: also know as friends waiting to happen.


10 responses to “Rhinebeck Eve

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time! Fingers crossed for cooperative weather!!

  2. There is definitely a potential double-meaning to “strange knitters” . . .
    have fun!

  3. Yay! Have so much fun!! One of these years….

  4. “strange knitters”? Yes, perhaps. But then, I’ve never met a serious knitter that I’d consider “normal” …thank goodness! LOL

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  6. Hi Becky, I must be one of the strange knitters, I took your photo at the Ravelry Meet-up. I loved your mitts! I want to purchase the pattern, going to look right now. I have a great photo of you and one of your mitts. I’ll be posting on my blog sometime in the near future.

    thanks for the inspiration!

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