fiber and friends

Rhinebeck was FABULOUS!! In case you were worried I wouldn’t enjoy myself :-P As I can be heard to explain on the Subway Knitter’s podcast, I’ve decided Rhinebeck is part fiber festival, part knitters’ convention. Amy and I were interviewed by the Savvy Girls as well, I can’t wait to hear their take on Rhinebeck. It’s great to shop, see the animals, watch the demos, and eat delicious food, but my favorite part of Rhinebeck is being with my people, both new friends and old.

knitting friends

People who completely understand taking pictures of shawls and needing to stop a random person in the street and ask what pattern they used for their sweater.

rhinebeck or bust
(that window says “952 miles is NOT too far to go for yarn!” I have no idea who these ladies are, but clearly they’re my kind of people.) People who understand buying fiber when you don’t even know how to spin it up yet, and who will turn the car around to go back to that yard sale with the spinning wheel.

sheep incognito

I laughed myself silly reading the titles at Sheep Incognito.

I blushed furiously when people commented how much they love my patterns and photography (Thanks guys, you made my whole weekend!) I pet sheep and looked at alpacas, and watch a little boy walking a littler goat on a leash.

icelandic sheep cashmere goat

I went to the Ravelry meetup on Saturday and Sunday. The meetups are a great place to chat with knitters, spinners, bloggers, hula-hoopers, because you’re not interrupting any other activities. I found lots of people playing rhinebeck bingo, and almost got bingo in 4 different ways.


My friend Amy* had her picture taken with Ysolda.

amy and ysolda

I met so many lovely people it’d be silly to try and name them all. Farmers, yarn dyers, authors, publishers but mostly wonderful KNITTERS are what made this weekend so special. Oh, and of course I did some shopping too:

rhinebeck stash

4oz, of blue wool/mohair/alpaca with sparkles, a packet of coordinated silk hankies (which I now need to learn how to spin) a huge hank of green yarn from Briar Rose fibers, and some shiny, wonderful blue glass earrings. But I’m still a little sad I didn’t ask how much the antique spinning wheel at the yard sale cost. but it needed work, and I didn’t need another project wheel (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

*A different Amy. Amy C and Amy D? Something…

6 responses to “fiber and friends

  1. I just found out on Monday that your great-great-grandmother’s great wheel is still in my brother’s basement, and he’s going to bring it here. It hasn’t worked in as long as I can remember, but if you want to restore an antique, you can at least begin for free!

    • I will happily take the family great wheel! Good thing I have a craft room to store it in. I guess I’ll need to learn about great wheels eventually :-) They don’t usually have foot pedals, so there’s not much to break. It may be closer to working order than you realize…

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  3. That was our car!! That is so funny! We ended up parking by you in the lot and I wanted to write on your windows as a surprize for you since you liked our writing (at the gas station) but my friends said that when you do that without the owners permission it is called vandalism…

    As you can see I am reading all the Rhinebeck blogs so I can to relive the experience! I am still in shock over how big it was!
    farmgirlnow (Ravelry)

    • Heeheehee! That would have been funny! I would totally have appreciated it, but since the prius is actually my friend’s husband’s car it is probably just as well that you didn’t. It would have been hard to explain…

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