on the needles

One of my favorite parts of going to Rhinebeck with friends is that Someone Else drives. I don’t like driving, all that time is so much better spent knitting! For 10 hours of driving (plus knitting at the festival) I packed THREE projects. What? I don’t want to be caught without enough.

The project I worked on for the drive, down pre-sunset, is a christmas gift. You can check it out on Ravelry if you’ve got an account there. If you don’t (ahem, family members) don’t ruin the surprise! I also carried it around the festival to work on any time I sat down. So if I showed you a brightly colored thing, or that thing on my signature needles – then you saw it in person!

Once it got dark I switched to a plain stockinette project. Another reason to have so many projects packed is that I need different knitting for different environments. This one was the second sleeve for the Big Brown Thing. And I finished it! In fact, I over-knitted. I’d worked the increases as directed* and then just knit merrily around once I had the right number of stitches. When we got into the hotel I pulled out the first sleeve and compared the two. My second was about 3 INCHES too long. At least it ripped back quickly enough…

I managed to get the joining, and first few brown rounds out of the way in the hotel in the evenings. Which means that I Got To Start The COLORWORK in the car on the ride home.

brown colorwork

I love the way I’ve arranged these colors. I’m following the pattern as charted, but with the colors shifted all over the place. In other words: I didn’t just swap my neutrals for the pattern neutrals and my colors for the pattern colors. In some cases I’ve flipped which is neutral and which is color within the row. If that doesn’t make sense I can’t help. I’d need to show it to you. It’s still just two strands per row which is pretty quick knitting for me. I’m up to the center round of the star already. The yoke has already decreased a bit and that really picks up from here out. I may even finish this sweater this month. Except I have a deadline project that I’ll probably need to start pretty soon here!

*two m1’s every 8 rounds – this is why I have a flashlight in my purse


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