I’m having a quiet rhinebeck re-entry week, so there’s not much to tell. Life continues, just as it always does. I plant garlic this weekend, and some more chickens are headed for the freezer.

I also have two photo shoots planned. I like the summer when I can catch the evening light after work, this time of year I need to plan things in advance. After a lull of almost TWO WEEKS with no designs on the needles I cast on for another pair of fingerless mitts last night. Apparently I just can’t get enough of them! There might be a matching hat too. Oh! There’s something you can help me with. Are you more likely to want a hat and mitten pattern as a set, or do you prefer individual downloads?

I feel like I ought to have exciting news about the Boyden sweater. But I don’t. This is the unexciting part of knitwear design. It’s the part where I can’t cast on until I do lots of math, and I haven’t done math yet, so the yarn sits on my craft table taunting me…


2 responses to “re-entry

  1. What about offering the hat and mittens separately, but a discount for buying both?

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